Updated February 22, 2019

Meeting Changes

Please note that all GA meetings at JACS will now take place at 846 Sheppard Avenue West.

Upcoming Events

Monday February 25

The February GA Intergroup meeting will be held at the Greenborough Community Church 2000 Keele Street at 7:30 pm. Any GA member is welcome to attend but only one vote for each GA group (to be determined by the individual group). Elections for all positions other than Trustees will be held at this meeting. If you are interested in a position but are not able to make it to this meeting, please let an Intergroup member know of your interest, and send with them a short speech (up to two minutes) on why you'd be the best person for the position, to be read on your behalf. It is strongly recommended that you attend if you are interested. Each group can elect an Intergroup rep or reps to represent their group and share in the Unity of the Program. Any GA member is welcome to attend but only one vote for each GA group (to be determined by the individual group).
Intergroup positions are:

Intergroup Chair
Intergroup Co-Chair
Announcements & Correspondence
Public Relations Coordinator
Supplies Coordinator
Recording Secretary
Telephone Business/Volunteer Coordinator
Website Administrator
Pressure Group Coordinator
Social Convener
Prison Group Coordinator
Marathon Chair
Marathon Co-Chair

Sunday March 3

Come and celebrate our fellowship and the one year anniversary of three members. At St. Matthews Anglican church at corner of Bloor and Shaver (3962 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON, M9B 1M3). Sharing table at 6 p.m. celebration at 7 p.m.. This is an open meeting. Be part of celebrating the program.

Thursday April 4

Join the Thursday night Keele St. meeting at the Greenborough Community Church to recognize a 10 year and 5 year anniversary. Sharing table starts at 7:00m followed by the meeting at 8:00pm.

Other Announcements

ONTARIO CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE (OCI) is seeking GA volunteers to assist with our weekly Monday night meeting. Contact Intergroup@gamblersanonymourtoronto.org for more info
The Goderich Prosperity Group is now at a new location. We are in the Community Room of the Goderich Libro Credit Union. (74 Kingston Street Goderich ON N7A 3K1)We meet at the same time, 7pm on Fridays for one hour.
"Work the steps" with the Tuesday Night Step meeting at JACS 7:45-9:15 PM.
Work the steps" with the Wednesday Martingrove Step meeting 7:30-9:00 PM
Toronto GA Intergroup would like to invite any GA group in Ontario to let us know how Intergroup can be of service to you. How can you involved and be of service at the annual events that Intergroup coordinates? Would you like to know more about how temporary sponsorship works within a group? Would you like some help to organize a Speaker meeting at your home group? Please let us know how we can help, email your questions or comments to announcements@gamblersanonymoustoronto.org.
The Life-Line Bulletin is a monthly newsletter for and about members of Gamblers Anonymous. It provides our members a chance to share their experience, strength and hope with each other through the Group News section; and to also see some of the important aspects that help G.A. continue to carry the message to those who still suffer. Reading the Bulletin every month is a great way to stay connected. Click Here for the Life-Line Bulletin.