Updated July 18, 2018

Meeting Changes

Please note that all GA meetings at JACS will now take place at 846 Sheppard Avenue West.
The Friday Night Martingrove meeting is closed temporarily.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday July 24

The Tuesday Aurora meeting will be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Lisa R. The topic will be Unity. A sharing table will start at 6:30p.m. The celebration and meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. This is an open meeting.

Monday July 30

The next GA Intergroup meeting will be held at the Greenborough Community Church 2000 Keele Street at 7:30 pm (directly across the street from the Keele Street meeting location). Any GA member is welcome to attend but only one vote for each GA group (to be determined by the individual group). The Election for Intergroup Co-Chair will be held at this meeting. If you are interested in that position but are not able to make it to this meeting, please let an Intergroup member know of your interest, and send with them a short speech (up to two minutes) on why you'd be the best person for the position, to be read on your behalf. It is strongly recommended that you attend if you are interested.

Wednesday August 1

The Peterborough GA meeting will reopen starting Wednesday August 1. The meeting will be at the same location, Mark Street Church, same day and same time. If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact peterboroughGA@gmail.com

Sunday August 26

2018 Picnic - Our GA annual picnic will take place at Woodbine Beach Park from noon to 5pm. We will announce more details.
This a fabulous park, however parking and location May be challenging for some. We will attempt to arrange carpools in order to ensure everybody who wants to attend will be able to do so, and to reduce the need for parking to a minimum. Stay tuned. Any questions or to volunteer or donate, please contact Jeff L. at social@gamblersanonymoustoronto.org..

Saturday November 3

Save the Date! 2018 Toronto Gamblers Anonymous Marathon will be on Saturday November 3, 2018 at The Montecassino Hotel (3710 Chesswood Dr., Toronto ON M3J 2W4). Download Flyer. If you would like to step up and join the planning committee, send an email to 2018marathon@gamblersanonymoustoronto.org.

Other Announcements

Toronto GA Intergroup would like to invite any GA group in Ontario to let us know how Intergroup can be of service to you. How can you involved and be of service at the annual events that Intergroup coordinates? Would you like to know more about how temporary sponsorship works within a group? Would you like some help to organize a Speaker meeting at your home group? Please let us know how we can help, email your questions or comments to announcements@gamblersanonymoustoronto.org